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Pheasant shooting - nowhere else better than at Currawong Lakes

With all the game birds in this world, there is not much better than the pheasant. This bird has been a consistent favorite among hunters old and new alike, and is hunted not just for the sake of shooting, but also for its delicate meat and plumage. Paintings of old depict men and women in regal robes adorned not just by jewelries but by the feathers of this bird. 

Between the months of May and August, Australia opens it gates to pheasant hunters. Thus, in the height of the hunting season, you better consider a place where pheasants thrive in abundance. Travel south to Tasmania, where the Currawong Lakes Game Reserve awaits you. 

Aside from the clear waters that were Currawong Lakes Game Reserve’s first special feature, this place also takes pride of a 3,000 acre-wide landscape that has become the home for ring-necked pheasants. Currawong Lakes is renowned as a premier pheasant shooting, clay shooting and wing shooting destination in Tasmania. This is because everything is ensured so as to prevent over hunting and safeguard the health and nutrition of the game birds.

If you visit this wonderful place in the heart of Tasmania, where you will find nature in its total grandeur, you can reap the bounty of the land and bring out that best huntsman in you and spend a day, a weekend or a week pheasant shooting.

Experience the wonders of Australia and the thrill of game hunting and bird shooting, and this, you will find at the Currawong Lakes Game Reserve.
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